Thursday, November 1, 2007

TV bounty hunter apologizes for using 'N-word'

Dude, you've been caught red-handed. Your hand was in the cookie jar my friend and you are done! Dog is not an ignorant person. I don't care how many white 23-year-old males use the N word, this cannot be excused. If he wanted to criticize his son's girlfriend, he should have judged her actions and not the color of her skin.

Dog, you're white. You can't say that crap. You really are a dog!

AC 360 Blog on Some Christian pastors embrace Scientology

I have to say, Anderson Cooper is one of my favorite reporters. This report is a disgrace to his name. But it's here so we may as well talk about it. Mixing religions would be horrible, because there's no way two religions could coexist. It would be a disaster because people would analyze their options, what makes sense to them and that would require us to use logic. People would realize the benefits of different religions, filter out the flaws and the irrationalities, and the result would be a better religion. We use this process in engineering. Beyond the sarcasm: Where are these facts coming from? When I study Buddhism, I don't get my information from South Park or Wikipedia. That's like intentionally going to Red Lobster and ordering a Steak. What's wrong with you? Did anyone read this article? Court-certified expert? By whom? Walker Texas Ranger? I'm not trying to target the religion, but for those Christians who are criticizing Scientology, aren't you judging others? I think this report could've been better too. Did anyone see AC360 the night this report aired? Soledad O'Brien filled in for AC that night along with John Roberts. Anchor people, state the facts, not the opinions. Take some advice from Anderson Cooper, "Be honest about what you see, GET OUT OF THE WAY, and let the story reveal itself."

10-31-2007 Anderson Cooper 360 - Pentecostal Scientologists

Anyone see that segment? Instead of just stating the facts, O'Brien's counterpart brings a copy of The Way to Happiness on the show and criticizes the book for it's common sense. Ummm... yeah we know "do not murder yourself" is common sense, but I didn't hear you mention that about the "Martyrs" in the "God's Warriors" program.

And who F are these critics I keep hearing about? So anyone is a reliable and trustworthy critic nowadays? "Critics say they use common sense to lure you in..." "Oh it's just the tip of the iceberg". Give me a friggin break. Isn't that what the first testament is? The tip of the iceberg until you read the new testament? Here's what a recent critic said about O'Brien:
"Hey O'Brien, STFU."

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Some Christian pastors embrace Scientology

In regards to this article:

Thats great, people helping people. However... who the F is this "expert"? Court certified by Walker Texas Ranger? My answer is "WTF". This is about as credible as hearing GW say there are weapons of mass destruction.

Ah... he IS an expert. Expert in bull$hit:

Lets use logic!

Lets try and use our minds. Just think about what you're saying. Use logic.