Thursday, November 1, 2007

10-31-2007 Anderson Cooper 360 - Pentecostal Scientologists

Anyone see that segment? Instead of just stating the facts, O'Brien's counterpart brings a copy of The Way to Happiness on the show and criticizes the book for it's common sense. Ummm... yeah we know "do not murder yourself" is common sense, but I didn't hear you mention that about the "Martyrs" in the "God's Warriors" program.

And who F are these critics I keep hearing about? So anyone is a reliable and trustworthy critic nowadays? "Critics say they use common sense to lure you in..." "Oh it's just the tip of the iceberg". Give me a friggin break. Isn't that what the first testament is? The tip of the iceberg until you read the new testament? Here's what a recent critic said about O'Brien:
"Hey O'Brien, STFU."

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